Criteria For Choosing A High-Quality Educational Childcare Center


Choosing a high-quality childcare center is one of the most important choices working parents of young children have to make. If you aren't sure where to start, ensure your choice meets each of the following criteria. Age Appropriate Child-to-Teacher Ratios  The child care center you select should have an appropriate child-to-teacher ratio based on your child's age. A three-year-old is developmentally unable to spend long periods immersed in activities or playing with other children.

1 November 2022

Stay at Home Parent? 3 Reasons Why Your Preschooler Still Needs an Early Childhood Education Program


Why is early childhood education important? Your child doesn't necessarily need daycare. Does this mean they should skip preschool? If you're not sure whether to enroll your child in an early learning program or wait for kindergarten, take a look at the top reasons your three to five-year-old should start school right now. Social Skill Development Your child has plenty of opportunities to interact with their family at home. While parent-child and sibling-sibling interactions can help preschoolers to build some social skills, the at-home social scene isn't as diverse and expansive as what your preschooler would experience in a formal early learning program.

28 February 2022

How To Get Your Toddler Ready To Read


One of the most critical things that your child will learn is something that they happen to learn early on: reading. While your child's teacher will do all of the heavy lifting regarding getting your child to read properly, there are a few things that you can do to get them ready. From helping them learn their letters to practicing sight words, here are a few tips to get your little reader ready for the page.

4 May 2021

4 Reasons Charter Schools May Be The Best Fit For Your Family


Raising children is hard work, and you are often judged for every decision you make. When it comes to making sure they are educated and prepared for the future, it is enough to keep any parent up all night. Parents looking into education will soon discover they have many options, from private to home educating. Public schools are ones that the government regulates. However, there is a public education that is a tad more advanced than regular public education, and that is charter schools.

8 October 2020

4 Tips for Hiring an English Tutor


One of the subjects you'll want your kids to know well is English. This is something that will be used throughout the entirety of life for your child. English can be a complicated topic, and it's ideal to hire a kid's English tutoring service to assist your child. However, you'll want to find the best one for the job, and this means knowing what to look for beforehand. 1. Look at experience

26 June 2019

Why Give Your Child Guitar Lessons?


You want your child to learn an instrument, and they've gained an interest in the guitar. Guitar lessons can be beneficial in many ways, not just musically. Here are reasons why you should consider guitar lessons for your young one. Guitars are not expensive You can buy a beginner's guitar at a cheap price. A beginner's guitar is not made with the same materials as a professional guitar and is often smaller in design.

30 October 2018

Choosing A Good After School Program For Your Preschooler


The right after school preschool program for your preschooler is essential if you want to keep your child happy and well-rounded. However, it is important that you ask certain questions before enrolling your child in any program. Here are some of the most important questions you should find out the answers to. Will there be food and snacks available? This question is extremely important. You should never assume that an after-school care program will provide your child with food and snacks.

4 April 2018

Going Back To Work But Your 4-Year Old Has Never Been To Daycare? 3 Tips To Help Them Make The Transition


If you have always stayed home with your child but you have now decided to go back to work, it will take time for your child to get used to not being home with you each day. If you have chosen to put your child in child care and have found a great daycare already, there are things you can do to help make the transition easier on both of you.

7 November 2017

Tips For Meeting Your Child's Educational Needs


A child's education needs can be some of the most important for a parent to meet. Without a rigorous and quality education, your child may find that many opportunities in life are closed. While it may seem like this is only an issue that you should worry about as your child approaches college age, instilling positive learning habits and skills will start when your child is still fairly young. For a new parent, there are a few pieces of information that they should consider before making a decision about their child's school:

25 July 2017

3 Important Aspects To Look For In An After School Tutoring Program


Choosing the correct after school program for your child can be difficult. There are academic programs, social programs, adventure programs, and creative programs. If your child is struggling with their studies, you may decide to enroll them in an after school tutoring program. But not all tutoring programs will give your child the solid foundation they need to succeed in school. Below are a few aspects you should look for in a tutoring program if you want to see positive academic results.

26 June 2017